Exit Interviews and Staying Interviews

  1. The boss is great. One of the top reasons employees leave is because they can’t stand their boss.
  2. Employees enjoy their coworkers. Like the boss, employees may be on their way out if they don’t like the people they work with.
  3. The culture aligns with the employee’s values — and everyone seems to be in alignment with the culture. This one could be at the top of the list.
  4. The company stands for something (a cause, charity, etc.) that is important to the employee. This is especially important with Gen-Z and Millennials.
  5. Employees get to work on tasks and projects that they enjoy. It’s not that all work needs to be fun, but it should have truly enjoyable and fulfilling moments.
  6. Employees may have unique abilities or talents that the company takes advantage of. People love it when they get to do what they’re good at.
  7. Employees feel challenged. There is a sense of pride when someone meets their goals.
  8. There is an opportunity for growth and advancement. Employees want to know there is a future at the company.
  9. Continual training keeps employees interested and helps build new skills.
  10. Employees are empowered and given responsibility. If you hire good people and train them well, let them do their job!
  11. Employees are proud of their company and its accomplishments.
  12. Employees feel valued. This goes to two areas. First, they feel valued by the people they work with, both the boss and coworkers. And of course, there’s proper compensation and benefits.



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Shep Hyken

Shep Hyken

Shep Hyken, customer service expert, business speaker and New York Times bestselling author, helps companies deliver AMAZING customer service and experiences!